for a

just future

Does this sound like your organization?

If you answered yes to one or all of these, you’re not alone. What support is available?

Our decades of experience and proven approach will support you to:

Deepen and repair relationships, even across dominance and difference.

Implement a sustainable practice that creates a container for healing.

Increase initiative as employees heal from limiting patterns.

Create an organizational culture that backs and promotes bold leadership.

Mabrika! Welcome!

I'm Nanci Luna Jiménez, CPF|M, Founder & President of the Luna Jiménez Institute for Social Transformation (LJIST).

I founded LJIST when was 26 years old with a vision to end racism in my lifetime and a commitment to live long enough to see it. For  more than 30 years, I’ve used listening and emotional healing to guide individuals and groups to transform their lives and leadership.

We Guide Transformation through Healing

LJIST offers transformational experiences for organizations and people ready to show up in their relationships, work, and the world with healing and connection.

When you participate in LJIST offerings, you come away with:

A Sustainable Healing Practice

Learn a listening practice for long-term, heart-centered racial healing.

Deeper Connections with Others

Connect more deeply with those you disagree with and have struggled to reach.

Expanded Leadership Capacity

Reclaim your self-assurance and trust your judgment as you take bolder, more discerning action.

A Path to Come Home

Recognize how your identity is shaped through reciprocal relationships with others.

let's get


We offer remote and in-person, live and pre-recorded, one hour to multi-day learning and healing formats designed to meet you where you're at and at every price point.

Where You Are on Your Journey?

I'm Looking for Self-Guided, Self-Paced Online Learning for Myself or My Group.
I'm Ready to Attend or Bring a Small Group (2-12 people) to a Live Virtual Workshop.
I'm Contracting for a Workshop or Series for a Group (12-40* people)
*Larger numbers can be accomodated

Looking for a different level of support?

Nanci Luna Jiménez offers keynote and large group engagements, personalized coaching, and custom facilitated support.

Upcoming Public Events

Stepping into Solidarity: Finding Your Place in the Movement

In this three-part mini course Nanci Luna Jimenez shares her framework for stepping into solidarity and finding or (re)establishing your place in the movements to end oppression and transform our world.

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