Ending racism,
one revolutionary relationship at a time.

Nanci Luna Jimenez founder of LJIST
Transformational Approach New@2x

Systems and institutions are made up of people.
In order to change systems, we must transform people.

Personal transformation happens through listening, human connection, and emotional healing. When people heal from oppression and build relationships based on connection and understanding, we transform society.

Our offerings provide opportunities for learning with the intention of holding space for embodied healing, relational skill-building, and creating a community of practice. We use an oppression lens in our work to end racism. Our work is centered on transformative practices for those interested in ending oppression and deepening their lived commitment to social justice, one revolutionary relationship at a time.

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Stepping into Solidarity:
Finding Your Place in the Movement

In this three-part mini course Nanci Luna Jimenez shares her framework for stepping into solidarity and finding or (re)establishing your place in the movements to end oppression and transform our world.

Our Story

LJIST’s transformational approach to social change builds on work first started by Dr. Erica “Ricky” Sherover-Marcuse which Lillian Roybal Rose, M.Ed., recognized cross-cultural communication specialist, carried on and shared with our founder and president, Nanci Luna Jiménez.

Nanci started LJIST when she was 26 years old with the vision of ending racism—and living long enough to see a world free of oppression. Based in Portland, Oregon, LJIST has been providing transformative virtual and in-person learning experiences, inclusive facilitation, social justice coaching and dynamic speaking engagements for individuals and groups in every sector and around the world since 1994.

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Who We Work With