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Openhearted Heartbreak: Reflections on Climate Change

“What do I know now? I know that heartache is nothing more or less than a possible opening through which the power that sustains life can be glimpsed.” Paula D’Arcy Nothing could have prepared me for what I experienced last week. Although I’ve made several pretty memorable trips to Alaska in my almost 52 years—including…

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Acknowledging the Original People of this Land

Please note: Originally this blog post used the term “Native Land Acknowledgement,” but at the guidance of Native leaders, we are now using the term “Acknowledgment of the Original People of the Land” to more explicitly honor the tribes and people impacted by practices of genocide and colonization.   LJIST partnered with Shilo George of Łush…

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¡Bienvenidxs a Project Puerto Rico!

¡Bienvenidxs a Project Puerto Rico! Un día como hoy, hace un año atrás, un devastador huracán azotó la patria de mi padre. El huracán María no solo trajo consigo fuertes vientos y extensos daños en el país, sino que en los días, meses, y ahora un año, siguientes, el huracán María ha dejado al descubierto…

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Welcome to Project Puerto Rico!

Welcome to Project Puerto Rico!   A year ago today a devastating hurricane hit my father’s homeland. Hurricane Maria brought not only high winds, rain and extensive damage, but in the days, months and now year that have followed, this natural disaster exposed an unnatural one: the long-term and on-going effects of Puerto Rico’s political…

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Profile: Melissa Miller

This month marks Melissa’s one-year anniversary with LJIST. She started with the LJIST team as our Office Manager, and has been promoted to LJIST Director of Operations! Congratulations on your new role! Along with being an effective and productive administrator, Melissa is a talented visual artist and writer and is trained as a health coach.…

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Ricky’s Legacy

Born in 1938, Erica “Ricky” Sherover-Marcuse was a dedicated social activist from a young age. A published author with a Ph.D. in Philosophy from University of California, San Diego, she was most known for her revolutionary workshops which coined the term “unlearning racism.” Ricky’s workshops were dynamic, moving, and life-changing. She utilized listening, storytelling and…

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Lillian’s Legacy

Lillian Roybal Rose is a nationally-recognized educator and consultant who offered workshops and educational resources in cross cultural communication for a wide variety of community and professional groups. She is also Nanci’s mentor, colleague, and friend. Her work to build relationships based on respectful, effective communication and cooperation is an important foundation for what we…

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Querido Papi, Daddy, ‘Apa,

It’s hard to imagine that five weeks ago today you left this earth. It’s hard to capture in words the void your playful, loving, and ever-hopeful spirit has left in my life and in the lives of so many—even people you didn’t know. I suspect you would find that hard to believe. You were a simple…

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