Current Public Workshop Offering: Stopping the Cycle of Oppression

April 11 - 13, 2023

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Calling in Culture: Shifting from “Canceling” To Connection

Three common responses to oppressive comments or behaviors are: cancel, distance, or educate. Blocking, unfriending, unfollowing, calling out or cutting off someone feels like standing up for ourselves or our beliefs. In important relationships, we might stay silent but distant and less trusting. Or we might tell them how what they said or did hurt us or is wrong. We might share information, hoping they’ll learn to think another way—which rarely happens. What if we heard that oppressive comment as a call for help? What if we could offer a space to heal the hurt at the root of the comment? Let’s move beyond shaming, preaching, and teaching as we apply our core listening practice in ways that connect and transform.

Desired Outcomes

  • Understood why “offensive” comments and behaviors are always oppressive in an unjust society
  • Recognized the difference between stopping an oppressive comment and addressing the root hurt underneath it, making a transformational shift possible
  • Increased our capacity to stay thoughtfully engaged while meaningfully supporting others to heal
  • Experienced the power of healing using LJIST’s core listening practice
  • Deepened our understanding of LJIST’s core theory of social transformation and its application to ending racism

Agenda Overview


  • Know how to effectively interrupt oppressive comments, jokes, slurs, and behaviors in ways that heal and transform
  • Stay “in it” with our most challenging relationships: no matter how challenged we feel!
  • Build a social justice culture based in authentic connection, healing, and transformational change
  • Support a growing community of emerging allies

Who Is This For?

  • Anyone who has been stumped by oppressive behaviors or comments from friends, family members, or colleagues.
  • Anyone who has stopped being around “that person” because being distant feels like self-protection or quiet protest
  • Anyone who wants to move beyond outrage, preaching, or shaming people to stop them from saying hurtful and oppressive things
  • Anyone who has been “cancelled” and is harboring hurt feelings about it
  • Anyone who wants to be part of a culture shift that allows us grace to make mistakes, and acknowledges we are all hurt by oppression, all while demanding accountability

“Treating people who make oppressive comments as ‘Re-emerging Allies’ helps us connect to their humanity, commit to their healing, and invites the possibility for them to shift. We are also those people.”

– Nanci E. Luna Jiménez


  • Each virtual workshop includes 9 hours of live facilitated content, 3+ hours of asynchronistic learning materials (videos, handouts, and reflection activities), and access to LJIST team via Slack for 2 weeks prior to and 1 week after the workshop. 
  • Up to 32 participants.  
  • This workshop is only available virtually.
  • Workshops are delivered Tuesday through Thursday, 10:00 am – 1:00 pm Pacific / 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm Eastern Each Day.*  

*Contact us to book outside of these hours. An “After Hours” fee may apply for workshops scheduled outside of Monday – Thursday 10 am – 4 pm Pacific. 


  • Attend the workshop in its entirety: all three hours on all three days of the workshop.
  • Complete approximately 2-3 hours of pre-work: watching short videos, reviewing handouts, completing reflections, printing or downloading workshop worksheets. This pre-work will be shared no later than 10 days before the workshop begins.
  • Complete approximately 30 minutes of homework on the first and second days of the workshop.
  • Join the Zoom meeting with video and audio capabilities and do not share the Zoom link with others.
  • Agree to our LJIST Limited Media and Liability Waiver in the checkout form.

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