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Centering Relationships for Systems Change: Moving Out of Fear Toward Connection and Principled Action

Have you struggled to listen to (let alone understand) someone who disagrees with you, how you think, or how you live your life? Do you find yourself unfriending people in your social networks or cutting off relationships because of opposing beliefs? You are not alone. During this webinar, you will learn how fear and power imbalances impact our capacity to communicate and connect with people different from us, and what it means to remain “value-based” in your actions, even in the face of conflict, disagreement, and dominance. You will learn tools and frameworks for value-based movement building and transformational systems change.

Desired Outcomes

  • Explored how fear impacts your ability to understand and collaborate with others
  • Learned a framework to increase skillful communication, even with people you disagree with
  • Recognized how assessing context increases your capacity to have a flexible response in each present moment
  • Deepened your understanding of LJIST’s core theory of social transformation and its application to ending racism


  • Stop letting fear turn your actions into oppressive behaviors (that you never intended!)
  • Stay “in it” with your most challenging relationships, no matter the difference or disagreement
  • Shift your frame of reference, the only thing you can control, to get the outcomes you’re hoping for while staying grounded in your values
  • Build your social justice journey on authentic, just relationships instead of relationships that come with “short-term” wins and long-lasting losses

Who Is This For?

  • Anyone struggling to stay connected with loved ones who don’t share the same views on racial justice or politics
  • Anyone ready to “cancel,” “block,” or “ghost” people who openly exhibit oppressive behaviors and attitudes
  • Anyone doing equity and social justice work from a place of righteousness, feeling disappointed, frustrated, and/or impatient with others
  • Anyone acting from a desire to change others
  • Anyone confused about why their justice efforts haven’t been effective—even though they are working hard and are exhausted
  • Anyone looking to be renewed on their social justice journey and ready to consider a new approach


On-Demand Webinars Include:

  • 1-Hour Webinar
  • Individual Reflection Worksheet
  • Webinar Evaluation

You will have a 30-day viewing window from the date of purchase (for individuals) or from a designated start date (for organizational licenses) to complete the webinar.

"We think it is the person that is the problem, but it is fear.”

– Nanci E. Luna Jiménez

Individual License
For 1 Viewer


Organizational License
Up To 100 Viewers


Organizational License
Up To 500 Viewers

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