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Effectively Handling Leadership Attacks: Backing and Becoming Transformative Leaders

We are all born leaders, with an intention to make things go well, an inherent sense of fairness, and a picture of our significance. We each did our best to interrupt injustice until the internalized effects of adultism—the systematic and institutionalized mistreatment of young people and the training ground for all other oppression—left us feeling  powerless. We experienced adultism as attacks on our leadership. These unhealed hurts affect us today: the way we lead, how we recognize and back others’ leadership, and whether or when we participate in leadership attacks against others. We can interrupt leadership attacks thoughtfully and effectively, shifting out of blame and humiliation, while also supporting and holding leaders accountable in ways that transform us all.

Desired Outcomes

  • Connected unhealed adultism from our childhoods to where we are vulnerable to attacking leaders today 

  • Learned the difference between a leadership attack and feeling attacked and how to effectively stand up to these attacks 

  • Understood that to be effective leaders today we need to heal from past leadership attacks which are rooted in and perpetuate institutional oppression 

  • Begun to realize that no leader—including us—is ever deserving of an attack and that "blame" is never useful to correct any leader's mistakes—including ours! 

  • Deepened our understanding of LJIST’s core theory of social transformation and its application to ending racism


  • Gain a more workable perspective and approach to leadership that centers connection, compassion, and care
  • Know how to effectively handle leadership attacks against us and/or other leaders
  • Commit to a social justice healing practice that renews and grows transformative leadership
  • Break patterns of isolation, guilt, and perfectionism that leave us vulnerable to attacks or compromised in our work to create a just world

Who Is This For?

  • Anyone who has ever been or is currently being attacked
  • Anyone who has ever participated in and/or witnessed an attack on a leader
  • Anyone who is feeling discouraged about taking on new leadership for fear of being attacked (eg inadequate, unqualified, etc.)
  • Anyone who doesn’t think they are the “right” kind of leader or have “natural leadership qualities”
  • Anyone who is exhausted or overwhelmed and thinking of leaving leadership all together


On-Demand Webinars Include:

  • 1-Hour Webinar
  • Individual Reflection Worksheet
  • Webinar Evaluation

You will have a 30-day viewing window from the date of purchase (for individuals) or from a designated start date (for organizational licenses) to complete the webinar.

"No one is ever deserving of a leadership attack - even you!"

– Nanci E. Luna Jiménez

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