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August 9 - 11, 2022

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Ending Racism Together: Healing from the Social Construction of "Race"

In the US, “race” as a social construct began 400 years ago—and continues to be constructed today. In this workshop, we will follow “Christian, land-owning, male” narrative threads through to current-day racial categories “White” and “Black;” Anti-Jewish Oppression, anti-immigrant and xenophobic policies, and criminalization of houselessness; the control of female reproduction to enforce “race purity,” and protect access to exploitable labor; and the mechanisms of genocide, exclusion, caste and assimilation. We will come together to heal from the effects of racism. We will actively disrupt the cycle of oppression passed on through our patterns of internalized oppression (inferiority) and internalized dominance (superiority) as we take on the work necessary to end racism, in our lifetime.

Desired Outcomes

  • Understood the historical roots, narratives, hurts, and justifications that led to the social construction of “race”
  • Dismantled the false belief in racial hierarchy as a catalyst to initiate and sustain a racial healing practice
  • Released despair, helplessness, panic, exhaustion, shame, guilt, and/or numbness as we face the impacts of racism on us, our families, and the world
  • Experienced the power of healing in community using LJIST’s core listening practice
  • Deepened our understanding of LJIST’s core theory of social transformation and its application to ending racism.


  • Understand the historical context for the construction of “race” in the United States and its lasting impacts
  • Move beyond a “check-list” allyship to a transformational practice for living our values
  • Link the fight to ending racism to the fight to end anti-Jewish oppression and sexism
  • Take control of our healing to have a bigger, bolder role in ending racism in our lifetime

Who Is This For?

  • BIPOC who want a deeper understanding of and to heal from effects of the construction of “race” in the United States
  • White people who want to give up their patterns of internalized dominance and join BIPOC in the fight to end racism as peers
  • Anyone who isn’t satisfied with reading books and watching movies to become more “woke”
  • Women and men who want to understand why the fight to end racism requires us to end sexism
  • Jews and allies who want to understand why the fight to end racism requires us to end anti-Jewish oppression

"Racism had a beginning and it will have an end, and we can be part of ending it."

– Nanci E. Luna Jiménez


  • Each virtual workshop includes 9 hours of live facilitated content, 3+ hours of asynchronistic learning materials (videos, handouts, and reflection activities), and access to LJIST team via Slack for 2 weeks prior to and 1 week after the workshop. 
  • Up to 32 participants.  
  • This workshop is only available virtually.
  • Workshops are delivered Tuesday through Thursday, 10:00 am – 1:00 pm Pacific / 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm Eastern Each Day.*  

*Contact us to book outside of these hours. An “After Hours” fee may apply for workshops scheduled outside of Monday – Thursday 10 am – 4 pm Pacific. 


  • Attend the workshop in its entirety: all three hours on all three days of the workshop.
  • Complete approximately 2-3 hours of pre-work: watching short videos, reviewing handouts, completing reflections, printing or downloading workshop worksheets. This pre-work will be shared no later than 10 days before the workshop begins.
  • Complete approximately 30 minutes of homework on the first and second days of the workshop.
  • Join the Zoom meeting with video and audio capabilities and do not share the Zoom link with others.
  • Agree to our LJIST Limited Media and Liability Waiver in the checkout form.

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The following prerequisites are highly recommended: 

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