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Facilitation Coaching Program

Whether a new or seasoned facilitation, participants in this program will be guided on a transformative social justice facilitation journey. During this 6-month program, your LJIST coach will support you to expand your facilitation skills, applying our healing approach and a deep understanding of oppression theory. As in all our coaching programs, Facilitation Coaching Program participants are asked to complete pre- and post-questionnaires to provide context, encourage reflection and help identify areas for growth. With the additional resource of and practice with your Coaching Partner, you will find new energy to facilitate a variety of meetings from a place of healing, connection, and compassion, to achieve outcomes rooted in justice for all. 

Program Format

6 Months*


  • Six 1-hour 1-on-1 sessions (monthly)
  • Six 1-hour 2-on-1 sessions (monthly)



*Program can be renewed an unlimited number of times.
**If you don't have a Coaching Partner, LJIST can match you with a Coaching Partner for a $250 fee.

Who Is This For?

This program is for you if you want: 

  • Personalized and ongoing support as a DEI Leader and/or facilitator for DEI Committees, Employee Resource Groups (ERG), or Affinity Groups  
  • More skills for facilitating inclusive meetings or teams 
  • To be more effective in guiding challenging DEI conversations 
  • Coaching that uses oppression theory and a healing approach to get “unstuck,” offer fresh perspectives and identify effective actions 
  • Social justice coaching that gets at the root issues with compassion and commitment to non-judgment 

Desired Outcomes

  • Gained skills in applying advanced facilitation tools and methods 
  • Identified and understood how dynamics of oppression impact your facilitation and the relationship with your Facilitation Coaching Partner 
  • Received care and support as you try new things and, inevitably, make mistakes and learn from them on your social justice facilitation journey 
  • Embodied and applied LJIST core healing practices to your facilitation practice through a personalized coaching relationship  
  • Begun to understand the role oppression plays in our leadership, relationships with others, thinking and ability to take action 
  • Identified specific next steps for moving forward 

Additional Benefits

  • Access to a private Asana board with Coaching Session Reflections and additional resources (as identified) 
  • Start- and End-of Program Questionnaires 
  • Facilitation Resources, Videos, Handouts ($599 Value): 
    • Focused Conversation Method Part I: Desired Outcomes Video (4:47) & Handout (2 Pages)
    • Focused Conversation Method Part II: ORID Video (8:48) & Handout (2 Pages)  
    • Collaborative Feedback Loop Facilitator Agenda (2 Pages)  
    • Decision Making Model (1 Page) 
    • + More! 
  • Constructivist Listening Resources to Begin a Listening Partnership Practice with Your Coaching Partner ($99 Value) 

Facilitation Coaching Program
Pay In Full

$7,997 per Coachee

Facilitation Coaching Program
Pay Quarterly

$4,097 Quarterly per Coachee

Facilitation Coaching Program
Pay Monthly

$1,397 Monthly per Coachee

Each LJIST Social Justice Coaching Program has a different focus, level of commitment and pre-requisites. Each year we limit the number of coaching clients to ensure greater attention and access. If a spot is not available right away, purchasing the program will put you in the queue. In the meantime, you can access more immediate, short-term support through our “Intro Coaching” Program or by purchasing a LJIST Community Membership.

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