Profile: Melissa Miller

This month marks Melissa’s one-year anniversary with LJIST. She started with the LJIST team as our Office Manager, and has been promoted to LJIST Director of Operations! Congratulations on your new role! Along with being an effective and productive administrator, Melissa is a talented visual artist and writer and is trained as a health coach. She brings to LJIST a keen eye for design, organization, and the vital role that health plays in our work to end oppression.

As it does for everyone on our team, Melissa’s work at LJIST comes along with a powerful personal healing journey. She utilizes a dynamic, holistic approach including nutritional, psychological, and spiritual ideas to help heal from internalized sexism and how it affects her personal and professional life.

We are delighted to have Melissa as a core member of theLJIST team! If you haven’t met her yet we hope you all get a chance to connect with her! You can learn more about Melissa in her bio and contact her at