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Getting Listened To: A Practice to Reclaim Our Thinking and Heal from Oppression

Living in an unjust society takes a toll. We’ve had to numb out to continue to function. When we receive warm, attentive listening that honors confidentiality, we feel safe enough to release emotions wrapped around shameful or painful experiences. Being listened to in this way gives us permission to heal. Often after a listening session, we have new insights, get clearer thinking, and feel more relaxed and connected. This transformational experience is called Constructivist Listening and has profound impacts on our capacity to stand up against injustice and create transformational change. When practiced regularly we can heal the root causes and effects of oppression—a necessary and missing aspect of sustainable social justice work.

Desired Outcomes

  • Explored how our numbing patterns are both the result of and allow an unjust society to continue unchallenged
  • Understood how a regular practice of being listened to supports us to heal from the root causes and internalized effects of oppression
  • Learned Constructivist Listening guidelines and theory to create an ongoing practice with others
  • Experienced the power of healing in community using LJIST’s core listening practice
  • Deepened your understanding of LJIST’s core theory of social transformation and its application to ending racism


  • Feel less isolated and more able to show your true self—without fear of judgment
  • “Normalize” releasing emotions as a necessary and important part of healing from and ending oppression
  • Experience lightness and renewed energy to take on new challenges as the weight of unspoken or silenced hurts are shared and released
  • Be less vulnerable to having your emotions manipulated, “explode” inappropriately, “triggered” unexpectedly or turned inward against yourself in unhealthy ways
  • Find greater compassion, creativity and flexibility in the present moment

Who Is This For?

  • Anyone engaging in numbing behaviors—and ending up feeling worse or defending it afterwards
  • Anyone having intense or overwhelming emotional reactions that either feel unwarranted for the situation or leave you or your relationships in worse shape afterwards
  • Anyone feeling burned out, isolated, cynical, or powerless to tackle systemic oppression or champion equity
  • Anyone wanting to feel seen and known for who you really are—and want to see and know others
  • Anyone seeking a community of practice who is committed to do emotional work as part of creating social justice
  • Anyone planning to attend or having attended a LJIST workshop and want to deepen your experience

“Listening is the most powerful political tool.”

– Erica “Ricky” Sherover-Marcuse


  • 3 hours of live, facilitated content.
  • Up to 90 participants.  
  • This workshop is only available virtually. 

We typically schedule Getting Listened To sessions the 4th Tuesday of each month. An “After Hours” fee may apply for workshops scheduled outside of Monday – Thursday 10 am – 4 pm Pacific. 


  • Attend the workshop in its entirety: all three hours on all three hours.
  • Join the Zoom meeting with video and audio capabilities and do not share the Zoom link with others.
  • Agree to our LJIST Limited Media and Liability Waiver in the checkout form.



This program is a highly-recommended prerequisite for our Virtual Workshops.

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