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Giving and Receiving Just Apologies: A Restorative Path to Racial Healing and Reparations

Just Apologies are a necessary first step for accountability and reparations. Yet, apologies are not enough, can be unsatisfying, and even inflame. Why? What patterns are showing up in our apologies? Just Apologies open a path for transformational healing and forgiveness. Just Apologies recognize dominance and embody the essential healing work for ending oppression. What does it mean to offer a Just Apology? On an interpersonal, national, or global scale, Just Apologies are rooted in connection and signal a willingness to engage deeper. In this webinar, you will be invited to acknowledge past and current hurts, release resentments and regrets, and identify relationships where a Just Apology can begin a journey to restore trust and forge a path toward justice.

Desired Outcomes

  • Understood the role of apology in the repair and reparation process
  • Learned to recognize the common patterns and pitfalls of an un-just apology
  • Explored key elements of giving “Just Apologies”
  • Deepened our understanding of LJIST’s core theory of social transformation and its application to ending racism


  • Learn what patterns are getting in your way of giving (and receiving) a Just Apology.
  • (Begin to) Forgive yourself for your mistakes including those around oppressions such as racism, sexism, adultism, classism, heterosexism, etc.
  • Take decisive steps on a path toward accountability and reparations rooted in a foundation of healing, connection, and integrity.

Who Is This For?

  • Anyone who is committed to ending oppression through healing, connection, and engagement or is tired of being out of integrity
  • Anyone who hasn’t forgiven themselves or struggles to even imagine what that could mean
  • Anyone doesn’t know and/or wants to learn how to make a Just Apology
  • Anyone who wants to understand why Just Apologies are an essential component of the path toward systemic justice and reparations.


On-Demand Webinars Include:

  • 1-Hour Webinar
  • Individual Reflection Worksheet
  • Webinar Evaluation

You will have a 30-day viewing window from the date of purchase (for individuals) or from a designated start date (for organizational licenses) to complete the webinar.

"A Just Apology is a chance to come into integrity through healing and connection.”

– Nanci E. Luna Jiménez

Individual License
For 1 Viewer


Organizational License
Up To 100 Viewers


Organizational License
Up To 500 Viewers

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