Aligning Our Value and Pricing

When you join a virtual LJIST session, at least four LJIST team members (pictured here at our last full team meeting), create the container for the learning and healing work the group will do together.

When you arrive at a LJIST event, you are greeted by name. We have spent time thinking about you as an individual participant as well as the group as a whole. We have done our best to familiarize ourselves with the pronunciation of your name and made a map of the places you are calling in from. And, yes, we ask you, whenever possible, to keep your camera on.

This might be a marked difference from other virtual social justice webinars and training spaces. You might log on to find you’re one of several hundred participants. Sometimes that energy can be exciting. Sometimes you might feel invisible in the sea of faces on your screen. And sometimes you might be even grateful for the anonymity this provides, especially in work that is so vulnerable and full of such potential risk—and transformation.

Yet, it’s this invitation to vulnerability that lies at the heart of LJIST’s healing approach to racial justice.

As much as possible, we create virtual spaces that many of our participants tell us are as close to being in person as they have experienced while still being online. We are able to do this, in part, because we cap our virtual workshops to between 32-40 participants. Only for our introductory sessions, Healing Together Gatherings and Getting Listened To sessions, have we increased capacity to 90. But that’s the max.

We are committed to keeping our programs intimate to support the healing of individual participants and the group. 

We are also able to create this level of care and attention because we have a minimum of 4 LJIST team members on every virtual delivery.

The additional resource means you not only have a chance to build connections with the other participants, but with our facilitators as well. 

The decision to keep our offerings small means the price per participant may be higher than some programs (while it is still less than others). From contracting and planning to registration and pre-work, from live learning sessions and homework to follow-up and debriefing, we center care and intentionality in the experience we deliver. As a small, Afro-Latina, Indigenous, and woman-owned business, LJIST is committed to appropriately valuing our work and prioritizing economic sustainability for our business and team members.

Effective September 19, 2022 pricing for both organizations and individuals will increase in an attempt to bring our costs into alignment with the value our clients and participants receive.

If you’ve been planning to register for one of our upcoming public offerings, now is the time to lock in your registration at the current pricing.

Part of our commitment to sustainability also means offering a range of “entry points” both in terms of time and financial investment.

Our “On-Demand” webinars (less than $100) and dana (no cost, gift) Healing Together Gathering sessions are a 50- and 90-minute commitment, respectively. Our scholarship program widens access to our public offerings and LJIST members still receive a 20% discount on public offerings. These programs will not be impacted by the price increase.

Thank you for your continued commitment to our work and for being on this shared journey to create a just world for all.