Increasing Access through the LJIST Scholarship Fund

In 2020, we launched the LJIST Scholarship Fund to expand access to our programs, especially for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color, people born and living outside the U.S., and young people and students.

Through the generosity of our community, we have raised over $5,000 in scholarship funds since starting this program.

In 2021, the Fund supported 10 people to attend virtual workshops who otherwise would not have been able to.

I was thrilled and grateful to get a scholarship to be part of the SCO workshop with members from my community. The attention that was given to my Amazigh heritage was as deep as my roots. We were seen for who we are and the scholarship was offered to us FOR us. Where else do you get that?”

Amel Boucetta, LJIST Scholarship Recipient

Ranging from $1 to $500, there have been more than 80 contributions to the Fund, averaging $13 each! Thank you for your support of the LJIST Scholarship Fund and helping us to increase access to our community of healing and transformational change.

To learn more, apply for scholarship funds, or donate, click here.