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Intro Coaching Program

Whether new to or familiar with LJIST, individuals find this program an important way to access coaching when they need it most. This (up to) 3-month program provides individuals short-term or immediate support for a specific or time-bound situation. Your LJIST coach will guide you using our healing approach and with a deep understanding of oppression theory. As in all our coaching programs, Intro Coaching Program participants are asked to complete pre- and post-questionnaires to provide context, encourage reflection and help identify useful next steps. While this program is not designed to do the deep transformative work of our longer coaching programs, participants still leave with new-found insights and a sense of lightness. 

Program Format

Up to 3 Months*

Three 1-hour 1-on-1 sessions  



*Program can be renewed one time for a total of 6 sessions 

Who Is This For?

This program is for you if you want: 

  • Quick access to a LJIST Coach 
  • Personalized and short-term support for an immediate DEI or social justice challenge 
  • An experience with LJIST coaching before making a commitment to a longer coaching or other LJIST program 
  • Coaching that uses oppression theory and a healing approach to get “unstuck,” offer fresh perspectives and identify effective actions 
  • Social justice coaching that gets at the root issues with compassion and commitment to non-judgment 

Desired Outcomes

  • Gained support and new insights to handle your immediate challenge 
  • Experienced compassionate listening, understanding and healing 
  • Made a more informed decision about whether to engage in LJIST’s other programs 
  • Identified specific next steps for moving forward 
  • Embodied and applied LJIST core healing practices in a personalized coaching relationship 
  • Begun to understand the role oppression plays in our leadership, relationships with others, thinking and ability to take action 

Additional Benefits

  • Access to private Asana board with Coaching Session Reflections and additional resources (as identified)  
  • Start- and End-of-Program Questionnaires  
  • Quick access to LJIST Coach 
  • No pre-requisites required 
  • No Coaching Partner required

Intro Coaching Program
Pay In Full


Intro Coaching Program
Pay Monthly

$697 for 3 Months

Each LJIST Social Justice Coaching Program has a different focus, level of commitment and pre-requisites. Each year we limit the number of coaching clients to ensure greater attention and access. If a spot is not available right away, purchasing the program will put you in the queue. In the meantime, you can access more immediate, short-term support by purchasing a LJIST Community Membership.

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