1-Day Offerings@2x
LJIST One Day Workshops

Our transformational one-day offerings provide an opportunity for new participants to get to know our team and theory of change, while simultaneously providing returning participants with a focused learning and development opportunity into a specific topic.

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LJIST-Transformational Relationships


Moving from Fear toward Understanding

“No movement you are part of will ever be any healthier than you are.”
-Lillian Roybal Rose

Personal healing and authentic relationships are the foundation for transformational social justice work. In this workshop, you will explore what it means to lead with love, rather than to react from fear and hurt. You will learn tools and frameworks for value-based movement building and transformative systems change.

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New Shifting Attitudes Thumbnail 10-17-18


Effectively Interrupting Oppressive Comments in Ways that Heal and Transform

Instead of becoming silent, getting angry or going away, you will learn to effectively interrupt inappropriate, offensive, and oppressive comments, slurs or jokes in ways that heal and transform. You will recognize and practice the difference between simply stopping the behavior and elegantly shifting attitudes while centering everyone’s goodness and humanity.

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A Healing Path toward Forgiveness and Social Justice

A just apology creates an opening for transformational healing and forgiveness in the face of dominance and oppression. In this session, you will experience a release of resentments and regret that keep you stuck and identify situations where just apologies can help (re)build trust and forge a path toward reconciliation and justice—on an interpersonal or global scale.

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Unleashing leadership and reclaiming power

This powerful program advances female leadership using physical challenges and encouragement to take ourselves and our leadership seriously to counteract the impacts of sexism. Unleashing and supporting women’s initiative, you will reconnect with your own power. You will build community with other women leaders on a shared journey to eliminate racism. This program is for women only.