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You are invited to join Nanci Luna Jiménez for the upcoming Healing Together Virtual Gatherings (HTVGs): Racial Justice & Transformation summer series to gather in community, grieve, rage, unnumb, and feel.


Using a healing-based framework, participants will begin to recognize and grieve the impacts of White supremacy and Anti-Blackness on us, our families, and communities. Together we will work to give up paternalism, which misunderstands the fight for racial justice as one of “saving,” “helping,” “fixing,” or “empowering” People of Black African Heritage or righteously weaponizing our “wokeness” against those who "don’t get it". All are welcomed.



Wednesday June 24, July 22, and August 26

10:00 – 11:30 am PDT / 1:00 – 2:30 pm EDT



Each session of this summer series will build off of the teachings from the month before. All sessions will provide healing space for you to bring whatever you need to work on. You may choose to join any or all of the sessions, but please only register for HTVGs that you commit to attend for the full time. Although these are free sessions, if you are registered, we still expect you. We also don’t want to turn others away because you were a “no show.”


Part 1 (June 24): White Supremacy in Your Family & Community

Part 2 (July 22): Anti-Blackness in Your Family & Community

Part 3 (August 26): Anti-Blackness & White Supremacy in You


Without judgment, we will release the feelings and un-numb to get clearer thinking in the face of state-sanctioned racial violence. You will have a chance to:

  • Release despair, helplessness, panic, exhaustion, and/or numbness as we face the impact of White supremacy and internalized White supremacy.
  • Understand what Anti-Blackness is, its relationship to racism, and how it is embedded in every individual, community, and institution across the world,
  • Listen deeply and be listened to by others with compassion and non-judgement using LJIST’s core healing practice, Constructivist Listening.
  • Experience the power of emotional healing in community and break isolation.
  • Reclaim our hope, energy, connection, and clarity as we identify actions we can take to ensure a just future.

Host HTVGs for Your Group or Organization

If you would like to host an HTVG for Black African Heritage People, Indigenous/People of Color Allies, and/or White Allies, please get in touch.

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  • Please only register for HTVGs that you commit to attend for the full time. Although these are free sessions, if you are registered, we still expect you. We also don’t want to turn others away because you were a “no show.”
  • This dana offering is open to any and everyone. We are not accepting donations or registration fees for this series. And yet, people have asked how they can support others to participate in our work. As such, you may donate to the LJIST scholarship fund to subsidize enrollment in our paid workshops. We will prioritize scholarship funds for people of Black African Heritage, young people, and people outside the United States.
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