Ricky’s Legacy

Born in 1938, Erica “Ricky” Sherover-Marcuse was a dedicated social activist from a young age. A published author with a Ph.D. in Philosophy from University of California, San Diego, she was most known for her revolutionary workshops which coined the term “unlearning racism.” Ricky’s workshops were dynamic, moving, and life-changing. She utilized listening, storytelling and…

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Lillian’s Legacy

Lillian Roybal Rose is a nationally-recognized educator and consultant who offered workshops and educational resources in cross cultural communication for a wide variety of community and professional groups. She is also Nanci’s mentor, colleague, and friend. Her work to build relationships based on respectful, effective communication and cooperation is an important foundation for what we…

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Constructivist Listening: The Most Powerful Political Tool

Nanci Jimenez Constructionist Listening

Everywhere I turn, I hear messages such as: “be a good listener,” “become a better listener,” or “good leaders know how to listen.” Almost every list of essential leadership qualities includes listening. And with this mandate, we decide to listen more. Nonetheless, the common misperception persists: I’ll become a better listener by listening more. Listening more…

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