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Transforming Relationships Coaching Program

This coaching program is for LJIST’s Transforming Relationships Program graduates who are ready to embody the core teachings and practices in your life. During this year-long commitment, your LJIST coach will guide you on a transformative journey to heal the root causes of internalized oppression. As in all our coaching programs, Transforming Relationship Coaching Program participants are asked to complete pre- and post-questionnaires to provide context, encourage reflection and help identify ways to contradict old patterns. With the additional resource of and practice with your Coaching Partner, you will have increased accountability and grow your own capacity to support others to heal and shift behaviors and attitudes rooted in internalized oppression.

Program Format

1 Year*


  • Twelve 1-hour 1-on-1 sessions (monthly)
  • Six 90-minute 2-on-1 sessions (every other month)  


PRE-REQUISITES: Transforming Relationships Program (including Just Listening I) 

*Program can be renewed one time for a total of two years.
**If you don't have a Coaching Partner, LJIST can match you with a Coaching Partner for a $250 fee.

Who Is This For?

This program is for you if you want: 

  • Personalized and ongoing support to apply frameworks and practices learned in the Transforming Relationships Program (TRP)* 
  • To root out internalized oppression that is in your way of living your values 
  • Accountability with a regular Listening Partnership for greater support and to deepen your healing practice 
  • Coaching that uses oppression theory and a healing approach to get “unstuck,” offer fresh perspectives and identify effective actions 
  • Social justice coaching that gets at the root issues with compassion and commitment to non-judgment 

*Formerly Transformational Communication Program

Desired Outcomes

  • Increased your ability to trust your own thinking and come up with more creative approaches to on-going challenges or barriers 
  • Experienced the power of a committed Coaching Partnership during this program and beyond 
  • Received care and support as you try new things and, inevitably, make mistakes and learn from them on your transformational healing journey 
  • Embodied and applied LJIST core healing practices to the relationship’s in your life through a long-term, personalized coaching relationship  
  • Understood the role oppression plays in our leadership, relationships with others, thinking and ability to take action 
  • Identified specific next steps for moving forward 

Additional Benefits

  • Access to private Asana board with Coaching Session Reflections and additional resources (as identified) 
  • Start- and End-of Program Questionnaires 
  • Transforming Relationships Workshop Key Teachings Video ($599 Value) 
  • Transforming Relationships Videos and Handouts ($599 Value) 
    • Handouts 
      • Adultism Handout (1 Page)
      • Appreciations Handout (1 Page) 
      • Being an Ally Handout (2 Pages) 
      • Improving Communication Handout (2 Pages) 
      • Institutional Oppression Handout (4 Pages) 
      • LJIST Theory of Healing Handout (3 Pages) 
      • Rest as Social Change Handout (4 Pages) 
      • Perry Model of Cognitive & Ethical Development Handout (2 Pages)
      • DEI Definitions Handout (6 Pages)
      • 4 Friends or a Listening Partner Handout (2 Pages)
      • Being an Ally to Young People Handout (3 Pages)
      • LJIST Core Principles Download 1 Page)
    • Videos: 
      • Shifting Frames of Reference Video (9:48)
      • Adultism Video (5:44)
      • LJIST Theory of Healing Video (9:18)
      • Restimulation Video (7:41)
      • Institutional Oppression Video (9:09)
      • Dominance Video (5:44)
      • Cycle of Oppression Video (9:13)
      • "Pink Hair" Video (6:47)
      • A Workable Definition of "Culture" Video (16:44)
    • + More! 
  • Constructivist Listening Resources to Continue/Begin your Listening Partnership Practice with Your Coaching Partner ($99 Value)          

Transforming Relationships Coaching
Pay In Full

$10,597 per Coachee

Transforming Relationships Coaching
Pay Quarterly

$2,697 Quarterly per Coachee

Transforming Relationships Coaching
Pay Monthly

$897 Monthly per Coachee

Each LJIST Social Justice Coaching Program has a different focus, level of commitment and pre-requisites. Each year we limit the number of coaching clients to ensure greater attention and access. If a spot is not available right away, purchasing the program will put you in the queue. In the meantime, you can access more immediate, short-term support through our “Intro Coaching” Program or by purchasing a LJIST Community Membership.

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