Born Good: Coloring Book Release

LJIST is excited to release our core principles coloring book, Born Good: Coloring Our Way to Social Justice Healing, in celebration of International Mother Tongue Day and International Decade of Indigenous Languages!  

The coloring book features illustrations of our eight core principles by artist Laura Lopez Cano(Fun fact: Laura painted the art that you may have seen behind Nanci in our virtual events or recordings! An illustration of the same image makes up the centerfold of the coloring book.)  

In addition to the visual celebration of our teachings, we also asked members of our global community to translate these teachings as part of our commitment to language liberation.

The first printing of the coloring book features our core principles in 16 languages as translated by more than 20 LJIST community members. Translations represent the understanding of the person who translated, and we honor their translation: even if someone else might have translated it differently. We recognize the importance of each language and do not, in principle, prioritize any language over another.

Do you want to contribute a translation? We’re still accepting translations of our core principles in this google doc. We hope to use these translations in future printings of the coloring book or in other ways to honor our community languages. Those who contribute a new language will receive a free coloring book in exchange for their labor!

Gift (yourself or someone else!) this coloring book today! For information about bulk pricing, please contact Lara Simonetti at