IAF Recognizes Nanci with Master-Level Facilitation Certification

This winter, Nanci Luna Jiménez, LJIST Founder and President, was recognized by the International Association of Facilitators (IAF) for her facilitation skill and expertise by designating her an IAF Certified™ Professional Facilitator ǀ Master, which represents a more senior level of experience, as well as a broader engagement with advancing the field of facilitation.

Nanci is one of just 54 practitioners to have received this designation by IAF.

Originally certified in 2007, Nanci has uniquely applied her facilitation practice to social justice and racial equity, diversity, and inclusion. “She challenges her IAF colleagues to widen their view and include issues of power imbalance and the ‘myth of neutrality,’ which helps facilitators to be aware of and share their biases when facilitating groups,” the IAF assessors noted.  

She was honored for her contributions to the field of facilitation, including:

In particular, the assessors highlighted Nanci’s focus on building relationships, vulnerability, and authenticity as contributing to her impact and effectiveness. 

An active member of the IAF community, Nanci has presented at numerous IAF conferences and served on various committees in support of IAF’s professional development activities. Congratulations, Nanci!