Profile: Lara Simonetti

Please join us in congratulating Lara Simonetti, our newest team member who has recently been promoted to Client Care Manager! Lara has already demonstrated her commitment to healing and her dedication to building a just world. LJIST has already been transformed by the enthusiasm, care, and creativity she brings to her relationships and work.

Lara is integrally involved in our client experience and in the ways we connect our community with resources and opportunities. If you join us for a workshop, Healing Together Gathering, or other event, you’ll be supported by Lara’s caring attention.

“As Client Care Manager, I help people find the best way to connect to our work. When they bring us into their organization, I support them as they jumpstart these very important conversations around diversity and inclusion.”

Lara Simonetti

Lara was born and raised in Corrientes province in the north of Argentina (where she lived in the same house her great-grandfather built in the 1950s!). She moved to Portland in 2016 to attend Reed College, as part of a personal goal of hers to complete her higher education in English. At Reed, she majored in History and wrote her thesis on collective memory in the aftermath of the late Twentieth-Century dictatorships of Argentina and Uruguay.

Before joining our team, Lara worked in fundraising and continues to fundraise as a volunteer “whenever possible.” Joining the LJIST team met Lara’s desire to work for an organization whose social justice work she believed in.

Lara looks forward to connecting with LJIST clients, partners, team members, and community members, learning from them and supporting their social justice efforts.

“We get to work with the most amazing people. I feel so lucky to learn from them and support their own work! It’s like I no longer have to choose between causes to support. The work of LJIST touches organizations and people from all walks of life.”

Lara Simonetti

As a first-generation immigrant from Corrientes, Argentina, she is particularly excited about bringing the LJIST practices and frameworks to Indigenous and Spanish-speaking communities.

Lara is also an actress, seamstress, and singer, among other hobbies. When she’s not at LJIST, she tries to stay connected to Portland’s arts scene.

We hope you have the chance to meet Lara in an upcoming delivery or LJIST event. Please join us in welcoming her as part of our team. You can reach her at and read her full bio here.