Young, Gifted, and Black: Celebrating Black History Month

In honor of Black History Month, LJIST is celebrating Black young people who are or have transformed the world. These young people remind us that we all came into the world clear about our significance and ability to make things go well. It is only adultism that prevents us from standing up to injustice, often confused by and colluding with oppression.

We can create a world without adultism: by giving it language and voice, by being indignant at the injustice, by allowing ourselves to feel the full effect of it and finally heal from it. It’s an act of empowerment, an essential and principled step to putting the world right for all.

This is not a comprehensive list, but we hope you’ll do some research on the individuals that intrigue you – each has a rich story and body of work.

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We are currently offering multiple ways to learn more about adultism and committing to heal from it. Please join us for any of the following offerings:

Stopping the Cycle of Oppression virtual workshop

Stopping the Cycle of Oppression on-demand webinar

Healing Together Winter Series, part of our monthly dana offerings: