Welcome, Eileen Webb!

We are thrilled to welcome our newest Associate to the LJIST team, Eileen Webb! Eileen first met Nanci Luna Jiménez as a sophomore at Whitman College in Walla Walla, WA in 1998. Unbeknown to Eileen, Nanci was leading the very early version of our Transforming Relationships Program (formerly known as the Transformational Communications Program) for the first time without her mentor, Lillian Roybal Rose. It was a momentous session for them both and the start of their decades-long relationship.

“What strikes me the most is how the healing has ripple effects in every direction. Every time I heal a little something, even in an area where it’s really focused and seemingly narrow, within a day I can see the ripple effects in all other areas of my life.”

Eileen Web, LJIST Associate

According to Eileen, within the first couple of hours of the workshop, she was committed to the practice of personal healing and building transformational relationships to end oppression. It took her some time to come back to working with Nanci—including nearly two decades of work in the technology field and some time living in California, New Zealand, and New Hampshire before landing in her current home in Maine. But after reconnecting with Nanci in 2017 and attending a public offering of our Transformational Relationships Program (co-hosted by The Next Door, Inc.), she began LJIST’s Transforming Relationships Coaching Program and embarked on the LJIST Apprentice Program journey.

Eileen is the first graduate of the LJIST Apprentice Program. As an Associate, Eileen supports our client and public deliveries and the development of new offerings.

Eileen comes to our team with a background in technology and continues to work as a consultant with non-profits and progressive organizations to help them strategically plan for technology and website projects. She looks forward to bringing LJIST’s work to the tech world, as well as other communities in her life.

Eileen lives in Maine on the land of a former gravel pit that became a pond, which she and her partner are working to bring back to health as an ecosystem. Their homestead includes a flock of chickens, rabbits, and a rotating cast of impressive wildlife, including a bald eagle that sometimes lands on the tree outside her office window.

We hope you have the chance to meet Eileen in an upcoming delivery or LJIST event. Please join us in welcoming her as our newest LJIST Associate. You can reach her at eileen@ljist.com. Congratulations, Eileen!

If you would like more information about our Apprentice Program, please see our apprenticeship page.