Client Highlights – Fall 2021

Reflecting on Recent Engagements

This fall we connected with a range of clients to bring our transformational healing approach to both first-time and return participants, including multiple conference sessions and a keynote.

Survivor Alliance
In July, long-time partner Survivor Alliance hosted us at their 2021 World Congress, bringing together survivors of human trafficking and slavery from around the world to build community, heal, and take leadership in the anti-slavery movement. We delivered a Getting Listened To session at the event, centering our Language Liberation Interpretation practice into Spanish and introducing participants to our core healing practice of Constructivist Listening. As one participant noted, “I felt every word. Thank you.”

Women in Natural Resources Conservation Service
We were thrilled to be invited to present a Constructivist Listening session at the August conference of Women in Natural Resources Conservation Service, a nationwide professional organization founded to support female employees of the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service agency. One participant noted the incredible power of engaging in a Constructivist Listening process: “I had never been in a situation that I felt I could be listened to in a raw way with no hesitance from my part. It is honestly liberating!!! I want to do this more and I want others to feel as liberated as I am now. Thank you!”

Prosper Portland
After a year-long partnership, including individual coaching for the Executive Team members and a Giving and Receiving Just Apologies workshop for Prosper Portland staff, LJIST completed a summary meeting to identify support and next steps for the agency’s Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion work (both internally and in the communities they serve).

You can learn more about this organization and our partnership in the Partner Profile on our blog

International Association of Facilitators
In October we presented an Embracing Language Liberation session to participants of the International Association of Facilitators Global Summit, a gathering of facilitators around the world. Among other topics, we explored how important it is for facilitators to embrace language liberation – as one participant aptly commented, “A sense of belonging is critical to our ability to participate meaningfully and in meetings and exchanges.” ⁠The talented Neha Govil graphically recorded the session as it happened, and the presentation team all shared their heart languages with the group.

If you’re interested in Language Liberation content, join us for our Healing Together Spring Series or our Embracing Language Liberation workshop in November 2022. Registration is open for all on our Events Calendar.

Returning again to our long-term partnership with Latino Network’s Unid@s Program, we designed an online experience for this year’s cohort of Latine leaders from across Oregon – our second year in a row bringing healing in community to the group despite not being able to gather in person. We presented our Getting Listened To session and Centering Relationships for Systems Change virtual workshop in September and our Stopping the Cycle of Oppression virtual workshop in November. Participants noticed how our core practices and facilitation techniques are able to powerfully build community, even when we can’t gather in the same place: “What was most valuable for me was not so much sharing my experiences, but sharing experiences with other people whom I have many things in common. Lately I have not spent time con mi gente and this session helped me to reconnect not only with my people but gente que tiene experiencias muy muy similares a las mias.”

You can learn more about Unid@s and our partnership in the Partner Profile on our blog.

Washington County Chamber of Commerce
At the end of September, Nanci presented her keynote, Just Relationships: Transformational Practices For Understanding and Solidarity, for the Washington County Chamber of Commerce at their inaugural annual Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Summit. Nanci invited participants to shift from the “Business Case for Diversity” frame to a “Human Case for Justice” frame and to center their own healing in their DEI work. One participant noted how Nanci’s keynotes are powerful and engaging: “The listening and communicating break out activity was very powerful. The speaker was engaging and brought many emotions out for me. Thank you!”