Client Highlights – Summer 2020

Reflecting on Recent Engagements & Looking Ahead to the End of the Year

This summer we’ve been able to partner with a range of clients to bring our transformational healing approach to hundreds of first-time participants! 

Portland Public Schools
With the leadership of long-time partner, Dani Ledezma, and Superintendent Guadalupe Guerrero, LJIST offered a series of Healing Together Virtual Gatherings for BIPOC administrators and school district staff and facilitated a special session with PPS Board of Directors to meet the moment of racial uprisings. 

Donate Life America
Nanci presented a live, virtual Keynote titled Transformational Practices for Healing and Resilience for almost 300 people working in the organ donation and transplantation field.

University of Minnesota Department of Spanish & Portuguese
The first group to experience our new On-Demand Webinars offering affirmed: “This was one of the best webinars I’ve listened to.”

Public Virtual Giving Up Privilege Workshop
In another first, we premiered our Virtual Giving Up Privilege Workshop to an over-sold group in September. This revolutionary content shifted the narrative around privilege and, as one participant shared: “This workshop emphasizes the importance of going to the places we avoid as a white-bodied person. I’m part of a thought circle with highly developed frameworks but the struggle I feel most is that it’s so intellectual. We cannot dismantle the system of white dominance with knowledge or policies or data…which are more comfortable for the white anti-racist elite but that I see as less effective. For a while now, my own personal walk has been going to the places I had avoided…or that were more unknown…less sure…and in some ways, felt a little less acceptable. I’m appreciating that this workshop landed precisely at the place of avoidance.” Click here to bring this content to your organization today!

The Next Door, Inc. 
This summer LJIST launched yet another new program by certifying six facilitators to deliver our Virtual Constructivist Listening Module in The Columbia River Gorge. See this blog post for more about this new program and our long-term partnership with the special group of humans at The Next Door, Inc.

Coalition of Communities of Color Bridges 
We were excited to reconnect with CCC and support the ground-breaking work of their Bridges Cohort to deliver our Virtual Constructivist Listening Module: “Just want to shout out your great job in switching your facilitation over to a digital space. Having been in in person workshops with you before, I have to say it’s impressive. Nice job!”

“Oh so many great tidbits – We all need a comfort zone, but we don’t need to stay there! You are the only one who can change you! Building transformational relationships is essential to systematic change.”

Donate Life America Keynote Participant

We are looking forward to ending 2020 by launching new partnerships and deepening long-term relationships.

Latino Network’s Unid@s for Oregon Cohort IX
LJIST and Latino Network leadership led by Joaquin Lopez and Linda Jaramillo worked together to design a virtual retreat experience that maintains the connection and learning of our annual kick-off “retreat.” While we miss coming together in-person at Cannon Beach, we are thrilled to continue to be the thread tying the cohorts together over nine years!

UC Santa Barbara Campus Community Council
Reconnected to UCSB through our relationships at UCLA, we are excited to deliver our Virtual Transformational Relationships Workshop to support the important social justice leadership of the CCC.

Survivor Alliance
Moving to England didn’t deter long-time partner, Minh Dang, from bringing our Virtual Transformational Relationships Workshop to her international organization committed to uniting and empowering survivors of slavery and human trafficking to be leaders of the anti-slavery movement. 

Marion Polk Food Share
We are proud to announce our year-long partnership with Marion Polk Food Share which kicks off later this month. With the climate crisis, economic crisis exacerbated by the pandemic, and critical triage in the aftermath of devastating wildfires in Oregon, MPFS’s mission to bring people together to end hunger and its root causes is more salient than ever. We will support them to center equity and racial justice at every level of their essential work.

Public Virtual Ending Racism Workshop
After a powerful Racial Justice & Transformation HTVG Summer Series, we are excited to launch our Virtual Ending Racism Workshop this December. Have you felt ineffective, exhausted or isolated in your pursuit of racial justice? Have racial justice conversations or efforts left you feeling overwhelmed, discouraged or powerless? Do you recognize the importance of healing from racism but are not sure how to go about it? Do you struggle to imagine racism could actually end? This workshop is for you! Click here to learn more and register today! Spaces limited to 32 participants!