LJIST’s partnership with the National Campus Compact as well as regional Compacts, like California Campus Compact (CACC) and the Campus Compact of New York & Pennsylvania (CCNYPA), emerged from a web of relationships.

In 2017 the CACC hosted LJIST’s signature Transforming Relationships Program, which they called the Listening and Learning Institute (LLI). Nanci met Elaine Ikeda, CACC’s Executive Director, the year prior and the two nurtured their friendship as fellows in the Presidio Institute’s Cross-Sector Leadership Program. LJIST Associate Kathleen Rice’s friendship with Elaine goes back to 2005, while Nanci’s connection with Marisol Morales, current Vice President for Network Leadership for Campus Compact and LLI co-sponsor, began in 2008 when she first participated in LJIST’s signature workshop as a fellow with the National Hispana Leadership Institute’s Executive Leadership Program.

Over the years Marisol has championed LJIST’s healing approach to social justice in many ways! In partnership with Northeastern Illinois University’s El Centro, she hosted our 25th Anniversary Tour Workshop and Project Puerto Rico events in Chicago and connected us with CCNYPA member Mercy College’s Manhattan Campus who sponsored our New York City tour stop.

Last year, Nanci participated in a panel moderated by Marisol during COMPACT20: Living Out our Value of Equity (LOVE): Fakequity, Social Transformation, and Higher Education, which explored the intersection of higher education, community engagement, and equity practices. Shortly after, Marisol interviewed Nanci for an episode of Compact Nation Podcast: We are Not OK.

As the only national higher education association dedicated solely to campus-based civic engagement, Campus Compact supports administrators, faculty, staff, and students as they pursue community-based teaching, scholarship, and action in the service of public good. LJIST led our Centering Relationships for Systems Change virtual workshop earlier this year for regional Directors and Campus Compact staff after COVID canceled the 2020 national conference.

We look forward to our continued partnership in support of this community of service-learning leaders. These students, faculty, staff, and community partners co-create mutually respectful partnerships in pursuit of a just, equitable, and sustainable future for communities from the campus and around the world.