PARTNER PROFILE: North Carolina Association of Educators

In August 2020, Nanci E. Luna Jiménez led a live virtual session about adultism and the LJIST Theory of Healing at the National Education Association’s Summer Justice Series (this session is still available for viewing on Facebook, now with over 2,400 views). Among the viewers was LaAlice Hopkins, at the time the Instructional Advocacy and Policy Specialist at the North Carolina Association of Educators. “After attending [the NEA session], I knew that LJIST could provide a new perspective and insight on issues that affected our membership,” says LaAlice.

LaAlice identified LJIST’s body of work as a valuable addition to NCAE’s training program, noting that “LJIST trainings will provide a pathway for our members to think critically and begin to formulate new thoughts and ideas on how to do their work and evolve in these challenging times.”

She planned a strategic progression of offerings for their members, starting with a Getting Listened To session to help members build foundational skills before moving into more in-depth content. Following the Getting Listened To session, all NCAE members had the opportunity to view our Centering Relationships for Systems Change webinar, and members of NCAE’s Educators of Color cohort participated in our Stopping the Cycle of Oppression workshop.

“I think this experience will allow [educators] to better interact with others in education and be able to understand people they interact with and students/families in a different light …”

LaAlice Hopkins, former Instructional Advocacy and Policy Specialist, NCAE

When LaAlice left her position, our partnership was newly coordinated and championed by Amanda Garrison, UniServ Director, whose invaluable collaboration created a successful rollout of our offerings. We are excited about Amanda’s enthusiasm and leadership of our work and look forward to continued partnership with NCAE to support the personal and professional development of educators and education professionals in North Carolina.

NCAE is the largest teacher association in North Carolina, with a membership including teachers, counselors, teacher assistants, bus drivers, administrators, superintendents, and others working in education throughout the state. The organization provides policy advocacy for public education and educators at the state level with a staff of lobbyists, but also supports members’ professional and personal growth with and a variety of low- or no-cost professional development opportunities.