PARTNER PROFILE: The Next Door, Inc.

“Partnering with LJIST and being able to bring this listening practice to our community will transform the Gorge region. This listening practice has profoundly impacted my own healing and refocused my work to dismantle systems of oppression.”

Todd Dierker, Consulting Services Project Manager, The Next Door, Inc.

Like all great partnerships, our new Licensing Program with The Next Door, Inc. (TNDI) started through a relationship. Elizur “Eli” Bello, Director of Programs and Community Health Worker at TNDI, participated in the first Latino Network Unid@s for Oregon cohort in 2011. Since then, he has been dedicated to brining LJIST’s healing approach and practices to his community in The Columbia River Gorge

Through Eli’s leadership and a widening circle of support within TNDI and the greater Gorge community, TNDI has hosted three Transformational Communication Programs(TCP) since 2013. My dear father, Miguel Jiménez, was an honored guest and only non-TNDI staff person at the 2013 workshop. One of the staff even brought her living room recliner to the workshop so my 83-year-old Dad would have the most comfortable seat in the house.

LJIST offered our TCP in Spanish and English in 2016 for TNDI and community partners and again in 2018, using LJIST’s co-host model. Once again, TNDI will bring LJIST to Hood River in June 2022 (rescheduled from this past June due to COVID). To be added to the waitlist for this offering, email Ilana Uemura

Eli and Todd Dierker, Consulting Services Project Manager, wanted greater access to LJIST’s teachings—and a TCP every two years wasn’t enough! In partnership with TNDI, LJIST launched our first licensing program this summer! Over 10 weeks, we certified six facilitators in four roles to deliver this 2.5-hour session virtually in English. We are in the process of finalizing Spanish materials to expand access and reach more of The Gorge’s Latine community!

“Our group of facilitators now has a deeper understanding of how healing through hearing each other can help transform relationships and build authenticity with one another. It is clear that through this work of transforming ourselves as individuals, we will be able to not only transform our community, but the world, one authentic relationship at a time! Working with LJIST and The Next Door to bring this valuable resource to our community will have an everlasting impact both in my professional and personal life, and it is an experience I will never forget.”

Elizur “Eli” Bello, Director of Programs and Community Health Worker, The Next Door, Inc.

The Next Door began as a home for foster children in 1971, and has since grown to over 50 full-time employees and two offices in Hood River and The Dalles. With over two dozen programs for communities along The Columbia River Gorge (five counties in Oregon and two in Washington), TNDI’s mission is supporting the health, safety, and strength of children, families, and communities. Their programs include mentoring for high-risk youth and families, community-based health and wellness education, support for participants in Oregon’s foster care system, small business education for Latino-owned businesses, and many others.
LJIST is proud to continue to deepen our partnership through this Licensing Program to support TNDI’s mission and ongoing commitment to bring this healing practice to the communities of The Gorge!